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This community is mainly for ballet and classical types of dance. The topics can range from ballet, ballet classes, dancewear, music and classical music,seeing ballet at the theater or, your own performances. Also, topics opened are any type of dance from ballet, jazz, belly dancing, flamenco, salsa, tap .. almost any type of dance that is involved in the performing arts.Also allowed is comments and topics on theatrical singing, broadway, opera and theatrical make-up

Here are a few rules:

1. NO FLAMING - that's the biggest rule here. There is no reason to get into arguments or fights. If you disagree with someone that's fine but, if it turns into an argument, take it to E-mail or you will be removed from the community.

2. No promoting communities without asking. - My E-mail is listed in the User Info, if you want to promote a community, please ask me first and I will tell you if it is alright. If you post a community promo without asking, you will be removed from the community.

3. Try to keep things on topic. - Everything about ballet or dancing goes. From ballet, pointe, modern dance, lyrical, jazz, tap, hip-hop and belly dancing. Even if it's advice or costuming.

4. Try to keep pictures relevant. - Just make sure any pictures posted have to do with dancing. Post pictures of recent performances, new shoes, new dance wear etc.

5. Use cuts and tags. - when you post pictures or long posts, remember to use proper Live Journal cuts or proper Live Journal tags. If you don't know them, they are listed in the Help section of Live Journal.

6. Give credit where credit is due. - If you post icons or friends only banners, make sure you give credit to the person who made it. If you are the one who made it, make sure you list that so you can recieve credit as well.

Membership is open and you are more than welcomed to join. If you need anything, please E-mail the moderator; The_Cyber_Siren@hotmail.com